N. Sethuraman – Accolades

I have had the occasion to mention N. Sethuraman’s commendable work in the field of historical chronology of Tamil Nadu. Proceeding on the incontrovertible assumption that all calculation of the dates of Indian inscriptions must be done on the basis of the Indian calendar systems, he has either unequivocally fixed the dates of accession and conclusion of reigns or considerably reduced the gap between the extremes of the dates in the case of many Chola and Pandya kings. There is great need for subjecting the inscriptions of other ruling dynasties of the south to similar painstaking scrutiny from a chronological angle. The histories of the South Indian kingdoms are so fatefully intertwined that a partial revision of the dates will only render historical correlations more difficult. Scholars working on the history of Andhra and Karnataka regions would do well to take their clue from Shri. N. Sethuraman and subject the epigraphs from those regions to a fresh chronological appraisal.

Dr. K. V. Ramesh, Director of Epigraphy, Archaeological Survey of India, 1983

Mr. Sethuraman does Hindustan Motors family proud

Although an automobile engineer by training, Mr. Sethuraman has held a deep scholarly interest in epigraphy and archaeology. His multi-faceted brilliance has made the HM family proud.

For HM, it is an honor to have such a personality as part of the HM family. We congratulate Mr. N. Sethuraman on his achievements and awards.

Hindustan Motors Network, Volume XI, November 1998

The recent phenomenon of interest is the entry of a businessman into the field of archaeology, N. Sethuraman of Raman and Raman, Kumbakonam, started with the study of the Pallavarayenpettai inscription and has made valuable contribution to South Indian history, packing into a brief span of six months what most professionals usually do not achieve in a life time…..So, I welcome the emergence of the rising star in the field of South Indian History and Epigraphy

Sri. S. R. Balasubramanian, eminent epigraphist and archaeologist of India

Sri. N. Sethuraman’s contributions to Tamil Epigraphy, especially his pioneering endeavor to place the vexed Pandyan chronology on a firm scientific footing, needs no elaboration before this well-informed audience. To him I extend, on behalf of all of you and on my own behalf, our heart congratulations and best wishes for many more years of fruitful service in the cause of Indian Epigraphy.

Padma Shri Iravatham Mahadevan, Indian Epigraphist and civil servant