Kudanthai Sethuraman – Archaeologist and the Best Epigraphist of India

N. Sethuraman popularly known as Kudanthai Sethuraman an eminent epigraphist and archeologist aka archaeologist hailed from the renowned Raman & Raman family of Kumbakonam. He made break through discoveries in South Indian history with focus on the Chola, Pandya and Pallava dynasties of India. His famous methodology “Applied Astronomy with Reference to Epigraphy” is internationally acclaimed. He used a multi-pronged approach to fix the dates of several kings of various dynasties, using the calendar system of India, cross referencing inscriptions between temples and available Tamil literature. Kudanthai Sethuraman has written five books in English and three books in Tamil. He has contributed 23 works and 41 publications in the field of epigraphy, archeology and Tamil literature.

Kudanthai Sethuraman’s books not only reflect the magnitude of his scholarly work but also his pride and patriotic fervor, to protect the ancient temples, scriptures and monuments, that speak of the heritage of India.